Selected Literature


What ‘White Privilege’ Really Means Naomi Zack

An interview with Naomi Zack, a philosopher of race. 




Black Children Face the Most Barriers to Success in America

From birth, the average black child in America is at a relative disadvantage.




60 Years After ‘Brown’, School Diversity More Complex Than Ever

Schools remain highly segregated after Brown v. Board of Education struck down ‘separate but equal.’



How ‘Impermanence’ Can Help Us All Get Along

New research suggests there might be a way to combat our innate tribalism.



The Importance of Multicultural Education

Multicultural curricula boosts success at school and in life.



Students Learn to Toggle Between Dialects

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Language program focuses on ‘code switching’ from home dialect to standard American English.


Three-Quarters of Whites Don’t Have Any Non-White Friends

A stWashington-Post-logo-6-2-12udy shows that Americans’ social circles remain highly segregated. 



White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

Living as a white person in America is to carry a package of unearned benefits.



The Tale of Two Schools

Students in two very different New York City schools tell each other’s stories.


 Building Resilience Among Black Boys

Psychologists help black boys capitalize on their strengths, in part by giving them strategies to recognize and respond to racism.



The Other Boston Busing Story

Adult former METCO students share the gains they made and the challenges they faced participating in the program.


The Shame of the Nation

Public school resegregation is a ‘national horror hidden in plain view,’ writes this educator and public education activist.

Children’s Books

Desmond and the Very Mean Word

Based on a true story from Desmond Tutu’s childhood in South Africa.



Henry Aaron’s Dream

The powerful tale of a kid from the segregated south who would become baseball’s home-run king.


My Name is Maria Isabel

The hardest thing about being the new girl in school is that the teacher doesn’t call her by her real name.


Shin-chi’s Canoe

Native American siblings are sent to a government-mandated boarding school common in the US until the 1970s.


Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

A girl helps to change her family’s fortune in this fantasy crossed with Chinese folklore.


The Watsons Go to Birmingham

The fictional account of an African-American family with factual events of the violent summer of 1963.


I Lost My Tooth in Africa

A charming story about losing a first tooth while visiting family in Mali.


Boys Without Names

A young Indian boy locked in a sweatshop making beaded frames with five other scared children.


Just a Minute!

A tribute to Mexican culture that introduces counting in English and Spanish.


1621: A New Look at Thanksgiving

A more historically accurate version of the harvest celebration in 1621.